Mine Closure Management Solution


  • A detailed asset register of all mine infrastructure captured by our field team
  • Asset location logged with 0.5 m accuracy and photographs of assets captured
  • Ability to represent closure liability estimates on the Day of Assessment
    and Life of mine from building footprints to shafts and plants
  • Closure costs calculated according to the DMR methodology
  • Closure costs calculated according to your own methodology and own internal rates
  • Detailed asset determination ensures accurate costing eliminating large areas being assigned to costly DMR categories due to insufficient detail being available.



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Backend functionality allowing adding, editing, deleting of infrastructure within the asset register


  • Ability to change parameters such as DMR rates, Multiplication and Weighting Factors, Preliminary and Generals, Contingencies, etc where the system dynamically updates costs
  • Ability to add new operations, new mining sectors and new assets per sector
  • Ability to select DMR categories or multiple categories per asset
  • Ability to add surveyor data (TSF area and volume data)
  • Ability to choose year to view or multiple years to view



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  • Base layers provided to assist in interpretation, such as farm boundaries, mining rights, rehabilitated areas, etc.
  • Trend analysis and quantum graphing
  • Ability to perform scenario modeling
  • Web-based system accessible from multiple devices
    (laptop, smartphone, tablet, desktop, boardroom, workshop/strategy sessions)
  • Annual updates allow for visualization of changes in infrastructure
    and closure costs as well as providing the ability to incorporate any new DMR requirements/categories
  • Access controlled – different personnel with different access levels
  • Reporting functionality
  • Saves money
  • Control of your own system



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