Road Solutions

Asset Management solutions for road agencies focuses on two key elements:


  • Improving the client’s asset data management capability; and
  • Streamlining and automating the client’s workflow management capability.
Both of these elements will be enabled by development of Geosemantic’s geospatial application.



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The key objectives are to reduce task time and cost, and improve operational efficiency by:


  1. Ensuring the accuracy, consistency and integrity of asset data
  2. Consolidating data on a common platform that will allow the client’s assets to be viewed and shared by all those who have an interest in it
  3. Solving interoperability between people, data and processes
  4. Reducing manual methods of work and thus decreasing workflows and easing day to day management activities
  5. Developing a user friendly system – that is easy to use by all stakeholders



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The typical methodology for these solutions includes the following phases:

  1. Business analysis and requirements gathering
  2. Business analysis and requirements gathering
  3. Gap analysis
  4. Asset capture
  5. Gap closure
  6. System development
  7. Training and skills transfer
  8. Support and maintenance



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