About Us


Geosemantic Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a leading geospatial firm specialising in geospatial software solutions for asset management. A one-stop geospatial solution that provides ease of use with convenient visual representation, management and interpretation for all your asset data.

Our professional team of scientists and software developers are dedicated to enhance and streamline your business workflows.


Geosemantic has significant experience with blue chip companies such as Anglo American and Aquarius Platinum.

Geosemantic understands that the management of assets is a time and cost sensitive process and as such the solution is a robust and dynamic geospatial representation of all assets that is easy to use and streamlines business processes. Bulky and time consuming report data is processed and visual representations are created that enhance data interpretation and provide you with new and valuable insights not previously noticeable. The final system can be updated and managed simply, by your personnel, using an easy-to-use administrative dashboard.

Geosemantic is a proudly South African company with headoffices in Johannesburg, however we have managed projects throughout the country.



Geosemantic complies with rules set by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). GSS is a member of the OGC.


unique benefits we provide

Streamlining workflows

data is transformed into usable information that will facilitate your day-to-day management activities.

Saves time

integrating data from multiple sources onto a common visual interface reduces the time required to access critical information, leading to quicker, more informed decision making.

Saves money

Geosemantic methodology and interpretation solutions have saved companies as much as R29 million for modules such as closure costing.

Provides new insights

Geosemantic processes and integrates data in a way that affords managers new and valuable insights that were previously not noticeable through existing systems.

Easy to use

Geosemantic converts complex attribute data into an easy to access, visual representation.

Solves interoperability issues

Geosemantic converts data from multiple formats into a single format, enabling different functional areas to share data thereby increasing collaboration.

Auditing system

highlights critical parameters from different functional areas, facilitating both internal and external auditing.

Change management

integrating multiple data sources onto a single platform facilitates knowledge transfer to new staff members.

Training, support and maintenance

Geosemantic assists you at each stage, from data preparation to data entry as well as continual support should it be required. Skills transfer is a critical phase of all Geosemantic projects. An admin dashboard is included that will allow you to easily update and manage your own data.


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